Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm a horrible blogger!

Life has been crazy lately. I guess, it's always crazy at our house.

My babies are nuts. Gianna started standing a few weeks ago and now she never sits down....unless Gabe decides to nudge her over. He is usually very discreet about it... never an obvious shove, more like an unassuming, look the other way and lean on her or a strong kiss to the head... with enough force to make her fall over. It is really funny and I have a hard time keeping a serious face with him. She still thinks the world of him, though. She follows him everywhere and he thinks it's hilarious. She'll go into his room with him to play and when I try to follow, he shuts the door on me and says "No no dada!" (I'm dada too) Then I sit outside the door and listen to the two of them cracking each other up. Love them!!

However, Gabe is still definitely a 2 year old in SO many ways. He was kicked out of the YMCA daycare twice last week for not calming down after I left. The first time, I got 45min but the second time I only got in 15 before they came to find me.

Monday, I decided to take advantage of the drier weather that I love so much and went for a walk. I get all sorts of motivated this time of year to be outside so I decided to hit up 5 Mile Drive. It was chilly, but beautiful as usual. I got about a mile in before G started to get a little restless.

I've really been trying to work with him on his crazy energy instead of against him. He has been responding fairly well to it and I love seeing his development. So, instead of worrying about my "time" or the intensity of my workout, I let him out of the stroller to walk with me. He is easily distracted, but he likes the freedom and is doing pretty well with "Hold mom's hand, please," when necessary.

After about a half mile (in a very uphill section) he got tired and wanted me to hold him. I obliged for a little while, because when he wants to be held, he is so sweet about it and gives constant kisses and pats on the back (literal). But, anyone with the stroller/hearse from hell like I have knows that it's hard enough to push with two hands let alone one while carrying 30+ lbs of boy. After another 1/2 mile or so, I gave him the option (like I said... work with him) to either walk again or ride.

Enter terrible twos.

Gabe, it seems, did not like either of my options. When I put him down to walk, he sat on the ground and cried. I walked away. He stayed and cried. I called to him. He stayed and cried. I had to go back and get him because of a car and he clung to my leg. So, I put him in the stroller, buckled him down, and started to walk again. I should have known to turn around and go back because I wasn't quite half way. But I did not. He screamed, twisted, flailed, threw the lovely snacks that I had prepared for him, etc. for the ENTIRE remainder of the walk.

Not that that wasn't enjoyable enough to endure. With about a mile to go, GiGi had had enough of Gabe screaming in her face and she decided to join in. I spent the last mile talking to myself about how I'd really like to kill myself or maybe an animal will come attack me...

Yesterday's walk was purposely scheduled for nap time.

Mikal and I are doing well, as always :) Last Saturday, we got a real date night! Mikal was craving the Outback for their bread and steak, so we hit that up. It is so nice to sit and enjoy a meal and not have to rush! We were there for almost 2 hours, and loved every second of the time spent together. Cassi and Jamie met us for dessert and then we went and saw "Push" afterwards. I definitely have a thing for superheros, and when Mikal said that the main guy is his new workout inspiration, I was happy to encourage it! Which brings me to our contest!

We are in a weight loss contest with each other! It's my 25lbs to his 40lbs. I hate that I'm super worried that he'll win! The winner gets a shopping spree. The competition is nice for us, we have fun doing it together. More than anything, we both really want to be healthy. Two babies, two+ years of an Italian restaurant and now 2 years into the bar and we are both carrying around some unhealthy extra weight. It's funny (and disturbing) to think that we used to argue about who had the better abs and now we argue about who has bigger "squishies."

My side goal is to be in better shape for my 25th birthday than I was for my 20th. That is no small feat either! At 20, I was training for a triathlon (which I chickened out on) and working out everyday, sometimes twice a day. I know with kids, that isn't always possible, but now I know the difference between "work hard" and "work smart." I really want to compete in a Tri this summer. I hope by posting my goals, I'll feel more inclined to do it now that I've told the world. Anyone who wants to join is welcome! And anyone with experience in training would be my best friend!