Monday, March 30, 2009

Gigi walks and Gabe talks...kinda

Kids are so fun...most of the time!  More days than not, I question myself whether I'm doing a good job with them.  

Ok, to be honest, "them" is Gabe.  He is a TOUGH kid.  I'm sure there are other's that can compete, but he is one strong willed boy.  And, I do question if I'm doing what's right.

I am nothing, if not consistent, with my "techniques," but there are times when I falter on my ground and wonder if I should give in.  

He is notorious for throwing public temper tantrums.  I try, as hard as I can, to not worry about what other people think, but when you have your two year old thrown over your shoulder in a fireman hold while he is screaming and crying while trying to buy diapers at Target, it's hard to not glance around at the gawkers.  

Regardless  of that, I KNOW that I am trying as hard as I can, and It will be worth it.  That someday... even though it's already been 6 months... I will be able to remove the duct tape from his door because he will stay in bed when I put him down.  

On the positive side, the good times are great times and I LOVE seeing the development.  

Gigi surprised us on Friday and started walking.  I WAS NOT encouraging her.  In fact, I was hoping she would wait much, much longer, but none-the-less, she did.  

Jen and I were  sitting on the floor of her living room and Gigi just decided that she was ready and took four steps from the couch to me.  

We were shocked, and she was so proud of herself.

I didn't catch the very first time on camera, as it was so unexpected, but I did get her doing it again later that night.

(I know I have apologized for the crappy quality before, but again, I'm sorry.)

Gabe is not the horrible kid that I often make her out to be.  He is, 90% of the time, a fun, happy boy.  I believe, he is  simply 100% Mikal's clone.  

Most of his talking is a little more clear than this...  

Little Einstein's is his one of his favorite shows and he "sings" this song to us ALL day long (as well as the others). He usually gets a few more of the attempted lyrics in there...  

His other favorite show is "Handy Manny" and that was what we decided to name the puppy, Manny.  After four days of asking Gabe what he wanted to name him, to which his reply was, "cars."  We finally settled on Manny and Gabe loves it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally, some news to share.

I actually feel like I might just have something to say....

For one, my baby fever has been cured.  We brought a new addition into the family this weekend, and we are so happy!  Our yet-to-be-named little guy is a Jack Russell Terrier. He weighs in at almost 3 lbs and is 10 wks old.  He and Gabe were immediate best friends and are still in love.  GiGi, true to form, is a bit prissy and doesn't care for his exuberant kisses, but she is quickly warming to him as well.  He is very sweet and cuddly with enough JRT toughness that he can handle being carried from room to room by Gabe without complaint.  We are very happy with the little guy and potty training is going well! If only it was this easy for G!  I'll let you know when we pick a name!

Secondly, I'm in talks with my old salon to go back part time.  Typically, a lessee pays a monthly rent and is then able to work as many or as few days as they would like, making their own schedule.  When I've been asked back before, it was at the full lease rate.  Being that I'm only interested in very part time, it wasn't worth it to me when I could do, basically, the same thing from a kitchen somewhere.  But this time, they offered me an unbeatable price that would allow me work from a salon and but still be very profitable.  I am thinking of working Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday.  Those days, Mike is home to babysit, adding to his SuperDad title.  Fear not, fellow mommy-friends.  I think I will still leave a day a week to do house calls. I know how much easier it is to not have to load the kids up or set up a sitter and I enjoy being able to bring my kids along for playdates. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny moments

There really hasn't been anything exciting going on in our lives lately. Same old, same old. The only thing I ever have to share is baby stories, because they are the only ones I interact with. (with the exception of the one hour a week a get to play volleyball- YAY! Playoffs start tomorrow!)

Gianna has been cracking me up lately. She turned 9 mo old yesterday and has so much personality now! I've taking to watching her more closely to try and figure out what is going on in her little head. In contrast to Gabe, she is SOOOO girly!
She is very dramatic. If she wants something and isn't getting it, she throws her head back and "cries" (aka, whines without real tears) in this pitiful, sobbing way like it's the end of the world.
If she knows you are watching, and she falls down or hurts herself, she completely melts down and has to be held and soothed (where as G was over it before you could get to him to pick him up) If she doesn't know you are watching her, she just gets back up and keeps going like nothing happened.

The funniest thing is how she manipulates her daddy!!

Mike and I typically use our computer while sitting on the easy reach of baby fingers. GiGi loves to sneak her long, skinny fingers around the side and and touch the keys. When she does this to me, and I tell her "No," she smiles and does her devilish little cackle; over and over again, never upset.

Yesterday, however, Mike was working on the computer and she came up , all sweet and sneaky like and touched the keys. Mike, very politely, said, "No, Sister..." and moved her fingers.

That's it, he didn't yell, he didn't do anything, but say "No..."

She looked him square in the face. Went serious. Then to a full downward frown. Then every so slowly, into the saddest cry I had every was like an entire 5 seconds for the transition. I started laughing immediately because it was so different from how she acts with me, but Mike was heartbroken. The funniest thing is she did it THREE times in the 20 minutes he was working on the computer. Each time, totally exaggerated but sooo sad! Mike, the sucker, had to pick her up every time and kiss and cuddle her and tell her how "unfair" it was for her to do that to him.
She already has her daddy completely wrapped around her finger!!

Gabe has really been trying to talk lately. "Trying," by meaning that nobody but me can understand most of the things he says...
Some of his favorite words are:
ditter (sister)
Nah-na (Gianna)
a-boo (movie) I don't know
Hey Buddy
Yeah, Sure, Ok...
gook (milk, cup, drink)
there you go
thank you
and quite a bit more.

He also is super funny with his animal sounds, he makes them very realistic. Instead of "moo" for cows, he does an incredible impersonation of a real cow. His cat "meow" sounds like a real kitten and his pig "oink" is a real snort. SO FUNNY!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

::sigh:: FIne, Kara.

Here you are, Kara. The 6th photo in the 6th folder. However, I doubt that even 6 people read this, and Sam is, for sure, not playing tag...

Just one of the 3 million pics I take of the babies... GiGi being super excited to eat. Taken maybe 2ish months ago... The odds of finding a pic of me are beyond slim.