Monday, March 1, 2010


It's a sad day in my world. My baby reminds me daily that she is growing up and this weekend proved to be a BIG step into big girl land. Gigi has learned how to get out of her crib!!!


When I call Gianna my "good child," it's not that Gabe is a "bad child" (... all the time) it's just that Gigi is a really EASY baby. You ask her to go to bed, she says, "ok." You lay her down and tell her goodnight, she says "thank you, lub you." Seriously, she's an angel.

Usually after naps, I hear my little chipmunk calling for me, "mommmmy, peas? mommmmmy, help me?"-My little dollbaby. However, on Saturday, Gabe and I were down stairs when I heard a door click. In our busy house, I don't usually pay much attention to this, there are far to many people to be concerned about that. A few seconds later, however, I see my little girl appear on the landing of the stairs, holding her baby. She holds up her arms and proclaims, " Ta Daaa!" I kid you not. Ta frickin' Da.

My reaction was more like, "Oh no."

She's been pretty good with her new found skill, using it whenever she wakes up. She did get out one time each before both nap time and bed time. Sigh. We'll see how it goes.

My only consolidation is that Gigi, almost 21 months old (!!!!), is almost 6 months older than my monkey man Gabe was when he started crawling out of his crib, at 15 months.

It's a sad day when your baby is no longer a baby. I think I need a new one.

baby Gigi, 9 mo old
Pretty girl, 2/2010 20 mo

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  1. I Love Gia! And her cute little voice! So sweet!