Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun times with growing babies....

Anyone who knows Mike and I know that our number one parenting goal is teaching good manners. Both children can be heard saying "Please" and "thank you" or "your welcome" (almost) always without provocation. We work VERY hard with this subject and are most often rewarded by them doing it with strangers, too. (Which most parents of little kids know, they never seem to "perform" when we really want them to.)

Our most recent step in the manners division is to reply "yes, ma'am" or "yes, sir" even when they don't particularly want to say so. This is a difficult concept to explain to a three year old, but he IS getting it... slowly.

However, last night, I told Gabe it was bedtime and, like everynight, he didn't want to go... He said (even better because he always refers to himself in the third person), "Gabey don't want to go night-night! Gabey watch TV!" To which, I replied, "No, buddy, sorry but it's time for bed." Then G said, "No mom, you say 'yes man!'" It took me a second to realize what he was implying, but he wanted me to say "yes, ma'am" to his demand to stay up. I had to try to explain that it doesn't quite work like that, but I give him credit for trying.

This is just a cute little snippet from my blissful car ride the other day. What's really funny? Mike sleeps the exact same way.


  1. Hey Carly! I found your blog through Kara. Your kids look JUST like you and Sam! They're adorable. I live in Sumner and would love to stop by your salon and see you sometime. Glad to hear you're doing so well.

    All My Best!

  2. Thanks Laura, and I would love to see you! What's your email address?